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yokyok ÇAY is a mesmerizing taste of Darjeeling tea, cardamom and fine alcohol. It‘s hard to tell about it, so we‘d suggest less talk and more ÇAY. 

Since yokyok ÇAY with 18% (the greenish one on the left) is for the lovers with yokyok ÇAY DRY 38% our aim was to keep the original taste of while adding a heavy punch of our genuine yokyok WODI Vodka.

For all those cats who can‘t get enough.

yokyok WODI Wodka Berlin Craftspirits Startup
yokyok yok yok WODI

yokyok WODI 38,8% is a straight forward & pure vodka. It's made of a blend of grains and simply tastes delicious.


Created, produced and handbottled in Germany.


What else to say? 


A sophisticated and elegant mint liqueur.


Weird phrasing, eh?


Wagner Mispelchen is a very popular aperitif/digestif from Frankfurt am Main. In a tiny cute glass you'll be served a delicious and fruity apple liqueur with a piece of medlar. 

You can't imagine what it tastes like? You should definitely try it!

This little fella comes in five incredibly mouth watering flavors:






Kräuter (very German, we know...)

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Original Wagner Mispelchen Franfurt Apfelwein Likör
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